• Three services and 703 attendees
  • 6:45 Easter Sonrise service
  • Easter service overflow in BHA

The first few months of a year can be a bridge between the old year and the new, so it's appropriate that we look back. It is also true that 2016 can be a bridge between the first thirty years of our wonderful Chapel and the next thirty years!

Thirty years ago Easter Weekend, ground was broken for this beautiful place of worship. Thirty years before Easter weekend of 2017, the first service was held in the new Chapel!

 The Chapel Board of Trustees and a special committee are coordinating our planned one year Anniversary Party ... Easter 2016 to Easter 2017! We hope to focus 2016 Chapel activities toward building on what the Chapel Leaders of the past have built, so we can continue to be a vibrant influence on the Spiritual life of the Bald Head community.

Some examples of thoughts and plans in process as we go forward are:

  • Easter 2016 … Kick off our Anniversary Celebration
  • Summer 2016 … Music event being planned by the Music Committee and Cindy Sellers … more info to follow!
  • Sunday, September 4th … Labor Day Weekend. Homecoming Dinner on the Grounds! Save this date … Please plan to be on island with your families if possible. Past ministers and Chapel participants important to our history will be invited. Additional space reserved with Old Baldy and BHA … fun for kids and memories for all
  • December 9, 2016 Live Nativity 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Easter 2017 … Celebrate 30th anniversary of Chapel First Service

 There are many new perspectives for our Chapel that have and are being introduced. Some of these are:

  • The long awaited new web site is up and running! Please check for service and pastor information, pictures and much more!

  • A wonderful scrapbook of the Chapel planning, fundraising, construction and completion is being scanned and will be included on the site.

  • New Audio Visual System - 70 inch HD TV / Quality Audio system is installed in the BHA building ... Used with feed from BHI Chapel for overflow for high demand services including Easter, Memorial services, weddings, etc. The BHI Board agreed to this use and will be able to use the equipment as appropriate. We can choose to stream services on the web … Grandmother could participate in a wedding from Scranton is she can’t travel!

  • On Line Giving and Transaction Processing ... Chapel constituents can make on line contributions on regular or one time basis. Many of us including those that attend services when on island don't always have checks or the cash when they would like to give ... They can set it up to be scheduled and painless! Wedding families can pay effortlessly if desired.

  • Catholic Services are welcomed as our Catholic attendees find appropriate.

Outreach efforts include contributions of over $33,000 annually to:

  • Brunswick County Inter-Church Fellowship … more than any other church
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Bald Head Island Pastoral Care with Gary Albertson
  • Maintenance of Minister’s Condo … allowing R & R for visiting Ministers.

We on Bald Head completely understand "We don't do change well" ... But we hope to find some new and hopefully better ways to do things...

Thanks to all who are part of our invaluable tradition of the Spiritual life of our Village Chapel.
Join us to make it another fantastic thirty years.

Click HERE to view the Village Chapel Scrapbook (updated periodically)

Celebration of Thirty Years for Village Chapel of Bald Head Island

The Village Chapel of Bald Head Island